Procurement timeline

Watch this space as we update the timeline and add to our schedule of upcoming events

Between early 2021 and Spring 2022 NS&I is running a series of procurement exercises to select its future suppliers and establish new outsourcing arrangements and contracts

11 March 2021Publication of the Prior Information Notice
20 April 2021Initial market engagement event
18 May 2021Digital integration and ServiceOps – market engagement event
18 August 2021Digital integration and ServiceOps – procurement launched
5 October 2021Digital experience and digital enablement – market engagement event
27 January 2022Customer contact and operations – market engagement event
27 January 2022Core banking, payments and reporting – market engagement event
10 February 2022Digital experience and digital enablement – procurement launched
29 April 2022Customer contact and operations – procurement launched
29 April 2022Core banking, payments and reporting – procurement launched
31 May 2022Digital integration and ServiceOps – contract awarded to IBM
31 March 2024NS&I’s current outsourcing contract with Atos ends